Audio Visual systems and technologies are an essential tool for all kinds of businesses.  It combines both audio and visual equipment to create a better viewing and listening experience for meetings, events, classroom participants.  As an AV Integrator its our goal to oversee your AV project from determining your requirements, designing the correct solution, installation and post review and maintenance. Our involvement is by no means a one size fits all service, as every business and project are different.

After the installation is complete and our handover is done with your team, we will continue to monitor the system, ensuring that day to day operations are running efficiently. We will also be on hand to troubleshoot and repair the system as needed.

Routine maintenance is often overlooked as an essential part of customer care but it’s the most important piece of the AV infrastructure & follow up support.  Maintaining your equipment and replacing equipment that is end of life will help ensure your rooms not only run smoothly but are also future ready.  We will suggest reliable upgrades and maintenance to your system on a regular basis.

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