Digital TV Solutions

The Digital TV revolution has come to the Hospitality market. At O’Connors Audio Visual, we offer customised TV solutions to hotels, hospitals, guest houses and nursing homes – designed exactly for your requirements. We will create a system that allows your guests to enjoy a wide range of TV and Radio channels through Saorview and Satellite, in full HD.

Display your special offers, entertainment information or promotions on your customised welcome channel, to make your guests feel even more at home.

The latest technology turns your TV screens into an active entertainment and information centre for your guests.

Benefits include:

  • More quality channels – up to 100 Free to Air TV and Radio Channels
  • Crystal clear 100% Digital Quality – no more fuzzy picture or bad rooms
  • High Definition channels
  • Internal Hotel TV Channel 
  • Add French, German, Italian, Spanish and other foreign language channels
  • Easier maintenance – set TVS to Autotune and all channels tune to exactly the right order
  • Fully maintained by O’Connors Audio visual
  • Technical Support & Service

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