Touchscreen Revolution


Have you considered Touchscreen displays to replace your interactive Whiteboards?

Touch screens are an ideal visual aid for use in education, as they allow lessons and presentations to be interactive and more engaging for students, and easier to deliver for teachers and guest speakers. The devices are optimised for a range of touch-screen applications and can display images, videos, slide shows, games and much more.
Philips are widely recognised as a global leader in electronics and their range of touch screens deliver high-definition quality and top class performance. Moreover, they are compatible with a number of different operating systems, software suites, external media players and storage devices, allowing for great flexibility.

Education TV Video Projection Touchscreen Rentals - video projection projects out of screen

Image not fitting on screen


It is common to see an interactive whiteboard where the image from the projector is too small or too large for the whiteboard itself. This is often due to where the projector needs to be mounted, or a change from the original hardware. With Philips Touch screen Displays, all of the touch screen is always usable, and the image will always be the size you pay for.

Brightness drops and unable to see images on sunny days


The brightness levels on projectors drop significantly over their life due to dust build-up. This can result in an image that is completely washed out by a sunny day. Philips Touchscreen Displays do not suffer from this issue, and will give more than adequate brightness levels for viewing in sunny classrooms over their lifespan.

Education TV Video Projection Touchscreen Rentals - video projector bad quality in day light

Daily/Regular calibrations of screen


Interactive Whiteboards need to be regularly calibrated to make sure the touch interface is accurate. This can be exacerbated if the board is knocked against regularly. There are many teachers who need to calibrate their interactive whiteboards multiple times a day. Philips Touchscreen Displays do not require calibration as the picture source and touch interface are together.

Shadows on screen


Due to the nature of the projector being in front of the whiteboard, the teacher will cast a shadow on the board, which can make it very difficult for the students to see, and often results in the teachers using long pointers to make sure the students can see. Philips Touchscreen Displays are illuminated from behind, so no shadow on-screen.

Education TV Rentals & Sales - shadows interrupts the video projector light
Education TV Rentals & Sales - video projectors driver issues

Specific Features for Education


Intuitive Touch Controls – Tap to left click, hold for two seconds to right click, pinch to zoom etc 5/6/10 point multi-touch, depending on the model, makes it very easy for 2 people to use the board at once.

Cleaning & Maintenance


Projectors require regular maintenance, at least yearly, to clean external filters and keep them working. This is a costly service, especially when you add it up over the devices life. Even worse though, if the maintenance is not completed, it greatly increases the chance of failure. Philips Touchscreen Displays have no external filters to be cleaned and require regular servicing of their hardware.

Education TV Rentals & Sales - cleaning a video projector

Driver Issues


Interactive Whiteboards usually require installation of specific drivers to get them up & running with a PC. This is time consuming and can often result in errors causing the board to shop working. Philips Touchscreen displays are USB HID compliant, which means you just plug them into any computer and it just works.



Projector bulbs last somewhere between 2000-3000 hours. That’s between one & two years if used eight hours a day and replacement of them will run to hundreds of euro. Philips Touchscreen Displays have a mean lifespan of 50,000 hours.

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